Data Points meetups and conferences

Data Points is a series of live and virtual events where data science and AI/ML practitioners from leading companies talk about their projects, use cases, algorithms, and best practices

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    attendees since 2019
  • 50+
    speakers since 2019
  • 92%
    data scientists,
    or DM managers
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Brands attended in ‘19-’20

    The meetup is focused on enterprise applications of AI/ML and practical usages of deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, advanced optimization, and computer vision in enterprise operations including marketing, supply chain management, security, and logistics. Meetup is focused on topics like the following:


    • Predictive maintenance
    • Natural language processing
    • Fraud detection and risk scoring
    • Demand forecasting and inventory optimization
    • Customer intelligence and personalization
    • Conversational user interfaces
    • Computer vision
    • Channel attribution and budget allocation
    • Anomaly detection
    • Algorithmic price management
    • An End to End Workflow on the Cloud to Monitor Traffic Flow using Deep Learning
    • Panel talk: Solving Today’s Key Challenges in Revenue & Supply Chain Management with ML & Data Science
    • What is Fascinating about AI?
    • Reducing friction in Inflight WiFi connectivity
    • How Predictive Analytics is Powering Digital Solutions at Caterpillar
    • Building the Foundations of a Unified Analytics Platform for Enterprise
    • Building a Data-Driven Price Management System: Lessons Learned and Best Practices
    • Using data science effectively - my learnings from leading data science for the past 2 years at
    • Demand and Revenue Forecasting for Lockdown and Post-Lockdown: Case Studies and Lessons Learned
    • A deep dive into the Data Analytics Solutions in the Mobility World
    • Hulu Originals Forecasting and Targeting
    • From Raw Data to Automated ML Models – Enabling Data Science Teams to Do Data Science

    Top-level professionals working in spheres of AI/ML for big technological companies usually attend Data Points events. Among attendees and speakers are data science leads and senior specialists.

    Presentations at Data Points are typically given by senior and principal data scientists, data science and analytics managers, analytics executives, and operations research experts from various industries.

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    Some of our speakers

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      Srivatsan Ramanujam
      Director of Software Engineering, Cloud Einstein at Salesforce
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      Anqi Zou
      Group Vice President at SunTrust Bank
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      Sidney Madison Prescott
      Global Head of Intelligent Automation at Spotify
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    • Speakers face
      Prabhakar Narasimhadevara
      Director of Data Science, Advanced Analytics and Data Engineering at Stanley Black & Decker
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    • Speakers face
      Jean-Marc Reynaud
      Sr Principal/Manager Data Science at Grainger
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    • Speakers face
      James Roedding
      Vice President of Product and Data at Rewards Network
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    • Speakers face
      Deepthi Dastari
      Lead Data Scientist, Data Science & Architecture at Gogo
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    • Speakers face
      Addhyan Pandey
      Director of Data Science at
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      Iraklis Pappas
      Associate Director, Global Analytics at Colgate-Palmolive
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    • Speakers face
      Sanjay Mehta
      Head of Industry, eCommerce at Lucidworks
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    • Speakers face
      Raghu Dhara
      Head of Data Science at KeepTruckin
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    • Speakers face
      Ali Vanderveld
      Senior Staff Data Scientist at Wayfair
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