June 8, 2020, 7:00 PM UTC

Distilled Data Points with Dataiku

In today's continuously evolving and competitive market, AI and ML are imperative for staying ahead of the curve.

In this webinar, you will get the newest insights on how leading enterprise brands are scaling their AI and ML capabilities. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Best practices and industry insights for implementing advanced product recommendation systems
  • Common limitations of traditional collaborative filtering models
  • Hybrid recommender architecture blueprint based on deep learning representation of the product contents
  • Live demo: End-to-end implementation of hybrid product recommender on the Dataiku platform


  • Speakers face
    Eugene Steinberg
    Technical Fellow, Head of Digital Commerce at Grid Dynamics
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  • Speakers face
    John Posada
    Partner Solutions Architect at Dataiku
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  • 03:00 - 03:05 pm
    Dataiku Welcome Speech
  • 03:05 - 03:20 pm
    Dataiku Presentation by John Posada
  • 03:20 - 03:30 pm
    Demo Background/Theory by Eugene Steinberg
  • 03:30 - 03:50 pm
    Technical Solution Demo by Eugene Steinberg
  • 03:50 - 04:00 pm
    Audience Q&A by Dataiku

About Data Points:

Data Points is an event series focusing on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in enterprise applications. Join other senior practitioners and executives for immersive talks on use cases, trends, and the technical infrastructure powering the most sophisticated data practices. Learn from leaders in data who have implemented data practices at scale in a series of interactive presentations.


  • Deep learning product recommenders
  • Machine learning for enterprise operations
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence - what they are and how they can help business
  • Data and AI for emerging platforms

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